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Zanella Wood Floors

Hand Hewn distressed floors
Our artisans hand craft each individual piece of wood to bring out its own inherent personality and the impression of age. From the remarkable surface preparation to artfully pillowed edges and ends, each of our floors is antiqued entirely by hand. It is this exceptional attention to detail that makes each Zanella hardwood floor a treasure of natural beauty. Use this link to see an enlarged picture of Zanella's Fumoso prefinished floor.

Bench finished
Every board goes through our own twenty-one step prefinished floor process that is impossible to duplicate on location. The timeless appearance of every Zanella floor is protected by a durable urethane finish that provides years of faithful service with minimal maintenance.

We do not mass produce our floors which allows the magnificent art of hand craftsmanship to survive. Each floor is individually made to order, resulting in a timeless, one of a kind masterpiece that rewards both the craftsman and customer alike.
Specially selected tongue and groove materials
In a world of engineered floors, each Zanella floor is engineered by mother nature. Every floor begins with a stringent hand selection process. This ensures instant character and a fascination to the eye that are unmistakable signature of a Zanella floor. Long lengths and standard widths of 3", 4", 5", and 6" provide an authentic plank distressed floor and a variety of design possibilities.

Old World family formulas
Our environmentally friendly formulas have been perfected over many generations and do not contain any stains or dyes. The colors you see in our wood floor is the result of interaction with the woods themselves. The essence of every Zanella Wood Floor, the deep rich tones, aged patina, and unique watermarks, simply cannot be replicated by any surface applied stains or production finishing techniques.

Ease of installation
A Zanella floor can be installed by any competent wood flooring professional and walked on the same day. Like a fine piece of furniture, the dramatic beauty and finish has already been achieved prior to delivery.

Options for a custom floor
A full range of custom products and services are available to complete the most demanding design challenges. These options include Zanella prefinished installation accessories and stair parts, custom parquets flooring, herringbone, borders, and round or square pegging.

Dolce Cremoso Daro

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