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The Splendor of Cork

WE Cork is the ultimate flooring material–distinct, sophisticated and luxurious, yet extremely durable and resilient. Milions of tiny, enclosed air cells give cork its unique charateristics. It is comfortable and warm under foot, quiet, moisture-resistant, hypoallergenic and antistatic by nature. Above all, cork is strong and lasting.

Coated with a high-performance urethane finish with aluminum oxide for long-term wear and scratch resistance.

Go Green

Cork is a natural, environmentally-friendly, rapidly renewable resource. The bark of the cork tree regenerates every 9 years, making it an ideal choice for today and for our future. No trees are lost or damaged in the harvesting process. 95 to 100% of the cork content in all WE Cork products are from pre-consumer recycled material.

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WE Cork Castle Renaissance
WE Cork Sable Gibraltar