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Hickory Gasthaus Series
-Heavily Hand Scraped - Pilsner

Over a Century in Hardwoods

Shamrock Plank Flooring is part of the Shannon Lumber Group, one of the most innovative and trusted suppliers of North American Hardwood products in the world. Established in the 1880’s the Shannon Lumber and Stave Company, the family-owned and operated Shannon Lumber Group has cultivated relationships with the best hardwood growers, and built an excellence over five generations.

The Green Choice

North American hardwoods are the flooring material of choice among eco-friendly builders. Properly farmed hardwoods are completely sustainable and renewable, contributing to “carbon-neutral” building. In addition, Shamrock’s manufacturing facilities minimize wood waste through efficient precision cutting and recycling of all wood byproducts.

Made in America

It all starts in Montezuma, Indiana where a Shamrock sawmill division, Superior Hardwoods, is located. Wood is processed into kiln-dried lumber at either the Indiana location or the Memphis location where Shannon Lumber is headquartered. The lumber is planed, ripped, molded, graded and packaged to strict specifications. This quality and care throughout the precision process makes Shamrock Plank Flooring the best possible choice.

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Walnut Premium Grade - Natural

Red Oak Country Rustic Grade - Gunstock

Maple Natural Grade - Natural