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Oshkosh Designs

Every element of an interior is a reflection of lifestyle. Within Oshkosh Designs' complete line of inlay, everyone can find design details that embody their personalities, their histories, their lives. Inlay by Oshkosh Designs helps you create an enduring expression of style.

With continual new product introductions, Oshkosh Designs is committed to complementing current architectural and interior trends. Our signature collections include multiple coordinating design elements under a unified theme, making it easy to incorporate the inlay pieces as architectural elements through an entire project.

Combining timeless natural materials together in new ways, Oshkosh Designs' use of mixed media adds another layer of interest to inlay. Exotic woods, dramatic stones, striking metals, tranquil colored glass and semiprecious stones enable you to make a dramatic statement.

We encourage you to explore our fresh new perspective on decorative inlay and welcome your interest in our product line.

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