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Muskoka Gallery Collection
Proven durability and timeless beauty of a solid wood floor, the Gallery Collection has it all, featuring timeless northern grawn domestic hardwood species and an opulent collection of rich toned exotics. All species in the Gallery Collection are a full 3/4 inch in thickness and feature precision-machined tongue and groove construction with exceptionally fine microbevels on all four sides. With a wide variety of stains to choose from, the Gallery Collection presents a world of decorating options.


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Muskoka Architectural Collection
Proven durability and timeless beauty for today's living spaces. There's nothing like he look and feel of a real hardwood floor. Now, with the Architectural Collection from Muskoka Prefinished Hardwood Flooring, you can have that real wood feeling in just about any space in your home. Unlike solid hardwood floors, our engineered flooring is designed to withstand high temperature and humidity fluctuations. It can be nailed over a plywood subfloor, glued directly over concrete, glued to concrete with radiant in-floor heating or even free-floated - making it the ideal choice for basements, condominiums, and other spaces not suitable for traditional soluid hardwood flooring. With a variety of species, colors, grades, and moldings to choose from, Muskoka's Architectural Collection is perfect fit for any room.

Oak - Clear Natural

Red Oak - Terra

Muskoka Solid Sawn Collection
Combines the density, dimensional stability, and installation flexibility of an engineered wood floor (suitable for above-grade, on-grade, and below-grade use) with the lasting beauty and warmth of solid hardwood. It features extra-thick, sawn-faces of northern hardwood, all bonded to a state-of-the-art, cross-linked core. The result is a floor of breathtaking beauty that can stand up to wide swings in temperature and humidity.

The Hand Sculpted Collections offer you a full selection of Hand sculpted floors, that give a feel of truly traditional hand crafted flooring. The Solid Sawn Exotics Collection offers you 8 choices of beautiful exotic woods with the stability of solid sawn. This beautiful floor can suit any of your installations for just about any room in your house. It is designed to withstand high temperatures and humidity fluctuations. Muskoka Solid Sawn is a perfect choice for your decorating needs.

Oak - Onyx Hand Sculpted

Maple - Barley

Black Walnut - Classic